Metamorphosis Schedule of Labour Rates 2015 for Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula

These are my efforts on establishing an open source repository for the Schedule of labour Rates for civil works locally applicable to the Chandigarh Tricity - ie , Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur, Mullanpur.

Feel free to share these with your work mates.

Sr. No.ITEMSUnitsRate
1LAYOUT (excluding clearance of site):
1Layout of Residential, Industrial or Commercial buildings. (Covered area of building shall be measured)PerSft.₹1.35
2 Layout of boundary/compound wall.Per Rft.₹1.65
3Clearance of Site. (Actual Labour rate Plus Thirty Percent.)
2EARTH WORK: Excavaton in foundation, basement or anywhere else.
1Excavation in ordinary soil upto 3 ft. depth.PerCft.₹16.00
2Excavation in stone mixed soil up to 3 ft. depth (upto 4" dia stone)₹17.50
3Excavation in pick and jumper work upto 3 ft. depth (above 4" dia stone)"₹19.00
4Removal of slip earth from the excavation site.₹7.00
5Add 10% to item 2(1 to 4), for excavation below 3 ft. depth for every additional foot or part thereof. Loose earth filling in trenches, underfloor, or removing from the plot₹1.30
6Maximum 75% of excavated earth from the foundation (Kassi work)"₹4.00
7Earth or sand filling with loose soil carried or supplied from outside upto 30 ft. distance or removing of excavated soil₹6.50
8Earth filling with excavation upto 30 ft. lead from the point of excavation.
9In case of earth excavated by Machine the Cutting, Dressing and levelling of bottom and sides of basement pit, foundation, columns or trenches upto 6" thickness (excluding removing of earth)PerSft13.00 7.70
10.....…Do.......more than 0.6" thickness (excluding removing of earth)PerCft.₹12.00
11Addition rate of item No. 2 (9 & 10) for removing of excavated soil.PerCft.₹6.50
12Add in item No. 2 (7,8, & 11 )forevery additional lead of 30ft. or part thereof.PerCft.₹1.50
13Dressing and leveling of earth orsand.PerSft.₹2.00
14Excavation in slushy earth as per kind of soil. Expenses of Dewatering from site of work will be borne by the owner if accuredPerCft.₹6.50
3CONCRETE (Hand Mixed): Plain Concrete :
1Cement/limc concrete in foundation 1:5:10 to 1:8:16 or 14:26:100 Upto 0'-6"PerSft.₹12.50
2Cement/lime concrete in foundation 1:5:10 to 1:8:16 or 14:26:100 More thanPerCft.₹22.00
0'-6" thick
3Cement concrete In foundation 1:5:10 to 1:8:16 mixed with mechanical
mixer Upto 0'-6" thick.PerSft.₹16.50
4Cement concrete in foundation 1:5:10 to 1:8:16 mixed with mechanical
Mixer. More than 0’-6" thick.PerCft.₹33.00
5Mud concrete in foundation.PerCft₹7.50
6D.P.C. Upto 1 Vi thick or bearing plaster (upto 0.9” wide)PerRft.₹16.50
7D.P.C. upto 1 Vi thick horizontal, vertical or bearing plaster (above 0.9" wide).PerSft.₹16.50
8Bonding of bricks with C. Cat the end of D.P.C.Each₹25.00
9Making & fixing C. C. bed plates without deduction in masonry.PerCft.₹62.00
10Filling of Jhirie on the one side of the pipes (rough)PerRft.₹14.00
11Fixing of Rain Water pipe exlcuding Jhirie and Filling.PerRft.₹21.00
12Making Cement Concrete Cill/Coping under or upon windows, ventilators and parapet etc. (without plaster)PerRft.₹17.50
13- do - (Projected upto 0.3")PerRft.₹22.00
14Making stair steps in C. C. or bricks without slab and plaster.Per Rft.₹30.50
15Making round or curved stair step in C. C. or bricks without slab and plaster.PerRft.₹37.50
16Making Nosing on stair steps or anywhere else.PerRft.10.00-
17Laying Bitumen or primer on flat slabs etc. (PerCoat)PerSft.₹7.00
18Laying Bitumen or primer on D.P.C. or vertical surface. (Per Coat)PerSft.₹8.00
19Laying ThermocoLTarfeltwith Bitumen on D.P.C. Or anywherePerSft.₹11.50
4Reinforced Cement concrete work (Hand mixed with wooden Shuttering):
R. C. C., R. B. C. & P. C. C. Excluding centring & shuttering, curing, Plastering, washing of Bajri, bending and binding of reinforcement.
1R. C. C., R. B. C. & P. C. C. (1:114:3 to 1:4:8) upto 0.6" thick in foundation-raft Plinth, under floor or anywhere.PerSft.₹31.00
2R. C. C.. R. B. C. & P. P. C. (1:1%:3 to 1:4:8) more than 0-6" thick in foundation-thick in foundation-raft . plinth under floor or anywhere else.PerSft.₹56.00
3R. C. C. square, rectangle or round columns upto 1 ’-0" Side or dia.PerRft.₹58.50
4R. C. C. square, rectangle or round columns above 1'-0" Side or dia.PerCft.₹86.00
5R. C. C. Beams, lintels slabs more than 0-6" thick PerCft.₹57.50
7Shuttering for faces of foundation concrete or foundation beams etc.PerSft.₹16.50
8Centering & Shuttering forfaces of columns and walls etc.PerSft.₹33.00
9Centering & Shuttering for sides and bottom of Beam, slab more than 6" thickPerSft.₹29.50
10.Add for shuttering of curved/circular wall, column and beam etc.Per Sft.₹15.00
11Add to item No. 4 (9) for hanging beams under roof slab.PerSft.₹15.00
12Centering and shuttering in slope of Ramp for making approach to 1st, llnd or Illrd Floor the outside (Excluding Rent for ramp) R. C. C. & R. B. C. Including centring & shuttering but excluding curing, plastering, washing of Bajri, bending and binding of reinforcementPerSft.₹36.00
13R. C. C. or R. B. C. in flat slabs, shelves, beam and Lintels upto 6"thick (Inv. Beam/Banni be measured separately over & above slab thickness)PerSft.₹60.00
14.R. C. C or R. B. C. facia or vertical section upto 3” thick and upto 1 ft. height.PerRft.₹60.00
15.R. C. C or R. B.C. facia or vertical section upto 3” thick and abovel ft. Height.PerSft.₹60.00
16.Making angular corner in R. C. C./ R. B. C. Walls (Excluding right angle) without any deduction.PerRft.₹50.00
17.Rate for slope slab in stair or any where else (in super structure)PerSft.₹40.00
18.R. C. C./R. B. C. ornamental type work, arch, circular or curved slab in stair or anywhere else upto 0.6” thick.PerSft.₹126.00
19.R. C. C./R. B. C. ornamental type work, arch, circular or curved slab in stair or •anywhere else more than 0.6" thick.PerCft.₹216.00
20.R. C. C. dome or ornamental dome type work.PerSft.₹232.00
21.Making paragola or cantilever ribs uncovered or covered without slab & Without deduction of openings, upto 0.9" Depth (slab will bo measured Separately).PerSft.₹79.00
22.Add in item No. 4 (21) for -do- more than 0-9" depth for every additional 3" or Part thereof.PerSft.₹22.50
23.Add to tern No. 4 (21) as above for paragola holes Pentagon to Octagon, round or Side curvedPerSft.₹33.00
24.Making R. C. C. Steps in paragola holes, (each step will be measured separately)PerRft.₹22.50
25.Making corbeling steps in R. C. C. each step will be measured Separately (hogizontal & vertical as one step)PerRft.₹69.50
26.Add in item No. 4 (25) for curved/circular steps.Per Rft.₹14.00
27.R.C.C. folding type stair steps without slab and support (each step should be measured separately)PerSft.₹185.00
28.Making cantilever type stairsteps without base beam and plaster.PerRft.₹155.00
29.Making Bannie/Gola at the edge of roof slab, floor or on railing etc.PerRft.₹20.00
30.Bending, binding and placing of steel in position upto 10 mm. dia.Per Kg.₹16.50
31.Bending, binding and placing of steel in position above 10 mm. dia.Per Kg.₹13.00
32.Bending, binding and placing of steel in Jhallar Shelves and Flooring.PerSft.₹21.50
33.Bending, binding and placing steel for Circular Slab, Corbeling, Paragola. dome type and flower bed folding and round stair.PerSft.₹115.00
34.Bending, binding and placing of steel in ornamental, curved beams in stair or anywhere else.PerRft.₹200.00
35.Add for steel shuttering used on above R. C. C. work.PerSft.₹13.00
36.Add for wooden/Steel pattern (as specified) on above R. C. C. work.PerSft.₹40.00
37.Add in shuttering on above R. C. C. work’s smooth exposed concrete finish.PerSft.₹7.00
38.Add for mechanical mixer for mixing of concrete in R. C. C., R. B.C. Or P.C.C. Works.PerCft.₹8.50
39.Add for vibrator for compaction of concrete in R.C.C. or R.C.C. works. (Encluding Fuel)Per Cft.₹6.00
40.Extra for making Recess in R. C. C. Wall for Skirting or anywhere elseRft.₹50.00
0)Above rates for provide/retention of shuttering upto 18 days including three days for laying and binding of steel. If shuttering retained more than 18 days, due to any reason, and for making approach to the 1st, llnd or lllrd floor from the outside through wooden ramp, the rent shall be charged (3> Rs. 3.00 sft. per day for installed shuttering.
00Bricks and other material required for shuttering (or anywhere) like as wooden/ steel pattern required will be provided by the owner at his own cost.
(iii)In case of readymix concrete used the rate for above R.C.C. work’s will be reduced @ Rs. 2.50 per Cft. (Ready mix concrete machine and pump will be arranged by the owner at his own cost)
(iv)No deduction will be made for shuttering from the rate of Item No. 4(13) for over laping on wall/down beam.
5PRE-CASTING: (without fixing)
1. -Casting pre-cast slabs 2" thick upto 2 sft.PerSft.₹28.50
2.Casting of pre-cast R. C. C. battens upto 3"*6'.PerRft.₹39.00
3.Casting of R. C. C. battens for undulatory glazing upto 3“x9".PerRft.₹33.00
4.Making curtain pelmet in R. C. C./Tiles hanging or upturn without plaster.PerRft.₹64.00
6BRICK WORKS: Bricks masonry in foundations:
1.B. B. in cement or lime mortar straight walls 131/4" thick and above.PerCft.₹28.50
2.B. B. in mud mortar 1 ZVt thick and above.PerCft.. 26.50
3.B. B. in cement or lime mortar in pillar upto 4’-0" length. 13/4" thick or abovePerCft₹38.50
4.Add to item No. 1.2 & 3 for curved walls.PerCft.₹16.00
BRICK OR TILE masonary in superstructure
5.B. B in cement or lime mortar 4/4" to 0.9“ thick straight walls in foundation and superstructure.PerSft.₹28.50
6.B. B in mud mortar upto 0-9 thick in foundation and superstructure.PerSft.₹26.50
7.B. B. in cement pillars upto 0-9” thick and upto 4-0ft. lenght in S.Structure/ foundation.PerSft.₹38.50
a. Brick. Piller upto 0-9' thick and upto 1 ’-3” wide.PerRft.₹38.50
8.Tile masonary in superstructure upto 0-9" thick.PerSft.₹46.00
9.Tiles pillars upto 0-9" thick and upto 4' 0 ft length.PerSft.₹60.00
10.Up to 0-3" thick brick/tile masonry. (Tegha)PerSft.₹33.00
10(a) 4’-0 lengthPerSft.₹66.00
11.Extra for expose work on one side of brick masonry 0.9"PerSft.₹13.00
12.Extra for expose work on one both side of brick masonry 0.9"PerSft.₹15.50
13.Extra for expose work on one side of tile masonry 0.1 -1 !4"PerSft.₹13.00
14.Extra for expose work on both side of tile masonry.PerSft.₹15.50
15.Cement concrete block masonry upto 0'-9" ThickPerSft.₹35.00
16.Add to item no. 6 (5 to 10 & 15) for curved walls.PerSft.₹13.00
17.Cement concrete block masonry more than 0’-9" ThickPerCft.₹24.00
18.B. B. in lime or cement mortor above 0-9" thick straight walls.PerCft.₹29.00
19.B. B. in mud mortar above 0-9" thick straight walls.PerCft.₹24.00
20.B. B. in cement pillars above 0-9" thick and above upto 4" -0 ft. length.PerCft.₹44.00
21.Add for curved wall in item No. 6 (17 to 20).PerCft.₹14.00
22.Tile masonry laid flat for facing 0-9" * 4!4’ *1 YtPerSft.₹26.50
23Tile masonry laid for facing 0-9” x3”x1 V*Per Sft.₹55.00
24Tile masonry laid flat for facing 0-9” * 1 Vi'* VA” upto 9” * 3”xPer Sft.₹97.00
25Making of brick or tile louver and architraves up to 0’-9" wide.Per Rft.₹55.00
26Tiles or brick dailies for facia or anywhere else with cutting.Per Sft.₹49.00
27Honey comb masonry with bricks upto 0-9" thick.Per Sft.₹49.00
28Honey comb masonry with bricks and tiles upto 0’-9" thick.Per Sft.₹49.00
29Add for making angular comer in brick masonry (excluding right angle)
without any deduction.Per Rft.₹49.00
30Chiseling, dressing or rubbing tiles / bricks.each₹8.00
31Making of maroo corner.each₹90.00
32Add for arch work in all brick or tile massonry upto 0-9" x 0'-9" thick.Per Rft.₹82.50
33Add for arch work in all brick or tile massonry above 0'-9"Per Cft.₹97.00
34Add for hoop iron in all brick or tile masonry.Per Sft.₹10.00
35Making of corbeling around doors, windows, parapets almirahs or any type
in brick masonry upto 0-6" without plaster, (each step measured separately)Per Rft.₹50.00
36Add in item No. 4 (35) for curved / circular steps.Per Rft.₹14.00
37R. B. or R. B. C. lintel upto 0'-9" X 0’-9" without deducton in masonry.Per Rft.₹44.00
38Extra for making recess in masonry for skirting or anywhere else (one side)Per Rft.₹22.00
1Random rubble stone masonry excluding dressing or corners in foundation
and superstructure.PerCft.₹44.00
2Stone massonry with ordinary dressed stones.PerCft.₹66.00
3Random rubble stone pillars, excluding dressing of corners, upto 6 ft. length.PerCft.₹83.00
4Stone masonry with dressed stone in superstructure.PerCft.₹110.00
5Making stone corners in pillars or walls without deductionPerRft.₹49.00
6Fine Ashlar in cement mortar in supersturcture.PerCft.₹190.00
1Cement plaster on wall, deduction of doors, windows, ventilators, ends of
Beam and opening above 5 sft. and upto 50 sft. to be made one side only.PerSft.₹17.00
A) Cement plaster on wall (patch work upto 1 '-0” wide)PerRft.₹19.00
2Cement plaster under ceiling.PerSft.₹20.00
3Cement plaster to shades, shelves beams, pillars, jhallars, banies roof
projections, cantilevers, slope-slab, Circular wall niches and window Jambs etc.PerSft.₹22.00
4Floating coat of neat cement on plaster or anywhere elsePerSft.₹6.00
5Making Patti in plaster upto 3" wide. WithoutPerRft.₹16.00
6Making Gulat under ceiling beam side & wall corners. deductionPerRft.₹23.00
7Making single side corner under ceiling with gulat. of plasterPerRft₹26.00
8Making double side comer under ceiling with gulat.PerRft.₹28.00
9Making double side comer 4 Nos. under ceiling with gulat.PerRft.₹66.00
10Making drip groove in plaster.PerRft.₹8.00
11Making ordinary groove in plaster, corner of beam and along with skirting.PerRft.₹4.50
12Making special groove in plaster upto V* deep and upto Vi' wide or
(anywhere without base)PerRft.₹13.50
13Finishing edge in plaster above chips/marble skirting without groove.PerRft.₹5.00
14Cement plaster on one side of stair steps (ordinary)PerRft.₹33.00
15Cement plaster upto 9”x9" hole in honey comb masonry or anywhere else.Each₹44.00
A) Cement plaster to honey comb masonry wall outer side (face)Per Sft.₹27.50
16Plaster to curtain pelmet hanging or upturn one side.Per Rft.₹44.00
17Plaster to curtain pelmet hanging or upturn both sides.Per Rft.₹60.50
18Cement spunch plaster or rough bajri without base plaster.Per Sft.₹20.00
19Laying of selected bajri or chips dana without base plaster.Per Sft.₹42.50
20Panelling of selected bajri or chips dana without base plaster (with groove)Per Sft.₹88.00
21Cement plaster on walls corrugated upto 3" pitch.Per Sft.₹35.50
22Making off corrugated roofing slates (Khaprail) on roof.Per Sft.₹78.50
23Cement skirting upto 0'-6‘' in height upto the projected or flush.Per Rft.₹16.00
24Making of gola or gault on roof corner or beam corner/terracing.Per Rft.₹15.00
25Cement Plaster on Corbelling step upto 0-6".Per Rft.₹46.00
ACement plaster on arch or circular type Corbelling step upto 0-6".Per Rft.₹66.00
26Cement Plaster on Paragola, Special type/Cantilever type stairs, tile cutting
Or corbelling step more than 0-6".Per Sft.₹60.00
27Cement plaster on paragola. holes Pentagon to Octagon, round orPer Sft.₹66.00
side curved.
28Brick cutting on wall in cement plaster, (without base plaster)Per Sft.₹36.00
29Laying upto 114" thick rough bazri with chicken wiremesh on wallsPer Sft.₹26.00
or anywhere.
30Plaster in Dome Type, round arches, slope beam, stone type effect of
Dhaulpur Pattern etc.Per Sft.₹46.50
31Dome plaster.Per Sft.₹66.00
1Lime or cement pointing struck V type.PerSft.₹17.00
2Lime or cement pointing chours U type.PerSft.₹33.00
3Add item No. 9 (1 & 2) for tiles pointing on walls.PerSft.₹17.00
4Lime or cement pointing flush on flat brick or tile flooring.PerSft.₹15.00
5Lime or cement pointing flush on brick wall.PerSft.₹17.00
6Flush pointing on stone masonry or on bricks edge flooring.PerSft.₹15.00
7Projected pointing on stone masonry.PerSft.₹22.00
8Add to Item 5 for wet cement rendering on wall or anywhere else.PerSft.₹6.00
1Conglomerate floor upto 1%” thick finished toping excluding base coarsePerSft.₹16.00
2Conglomerate floor upto 114thick rough toping anywhere excluding base
coarse and strips.PerSft.₹13.00
3Conglomerate floor upto 1 !4 thick rubbed and mansion polish toping only.PerSft.₹27.00
4Add in items No. 10(1 to 3) for every additional 0.1 "thickness or part thereof.PerSft.₹6.00
5Making regular joints upto 0’-1" wide in floor slabs without deduction and filling.PerRft.₹9.00
6Joint filling upto 3" depth with bitumen & sand etc.PerRft.₹9.00
7Upto 3" sand. 3" brick-ballast underfloor including dressing / ramming.PerSft.₹10.00
8-do- base course with cement and sand mortar hand mix.PerSft.₹12.00
9Upto 3" brick-baliast underfloor including dressing/ ramming without sand.PerSft.₹7.50
10Add in item No. 10 (7 to 9) for every additional 0.1" tickness or part thereof.PerSft.₹3.00
11Flat brick or tile Flooring Laid with mud or cementPerSft.₹11.00
12Laying of machine made tile on floor.PerSft.₹26.00
13Flat brick or tile laid dry including sand grouting.PerSft.₹7.00
14Grouting with cement & sand mortar on brick/tile flooring or anywhere else.PerSft.₹5.00
15.Add for brick on edge flooring in item No. 10 (11 to 13)Per Sft.₹5.00
16.Laying precast cement plain or checkered square tiles without base coarse.Per Sft.₹26.00
17.Laying precast designed tile without base coarsePer Sft.₹38.00
18.Filling sand or cinder underfloor upto 0'-6" thick.Per Sft.₹5.00
19.Filling sand or cinder under floor more than 0'-6" thick.Per Cft.₹9.00
20.1" to VA thick floor in marble chips upto 2b dana or precast chips tiles excluding base coarse.Per Sft.₹27.50
21.-do- above 2B to 5 No. dana excluding base coarse.Per Sft.₹31.00
22.1" to VA floor in stone crusher 2B to 5 No excluding base coarse.Per Sft.₹26.00
23.Vertical dado in marble chips upto 2B No. including base piaster.Per Sft.₹27.50
24.Vertical dado in marble chips 2B to 5 No. including base piaster.Per Sft.₹31.00
25.Add to item No. 10 (20 to 21) for tile effect.Per Sft.₹8.00
26.Marble chips on stair steps, shelves, sinks, pillars (round or square) up to 2b No. Dana including base plaster.Per Sft.₹33.00
27.-do- above 2b to 5 No. with base plaster.Per Sft.₹33.50
28.Marble crazy floor without cutting excluding base coarse.Per Sft.₹33.00
29.Marble Crazy Floor with cutting without base coarse.Per Sft.₹38.50
30.Making skirting upto 0-6" height in marble chips upto 2b dana.Per Rft.₹26.00
31.-do- above 2 No. to. 5 No dana.Per Rft.₹31.00
32.Making patti upto 0-3" wide in marble chips without deduction.Per Rft.₹20.00
33.Add for making of ivory (abri) in 0-3" patti.Per Rft.₹20.00
34.Making gola in marble chips on railing or parapet etc.Per Rft.₹26.00
35.Making nosing of stair step or veranda floor etc. in marble chips.Per Sft.₹20.00
36.Laying & Fixing marble/kota stone upto 1 ft. slab without base coarse.Per Sft.₹46.00
37.- do- above 1 ft. to 4 sq. ft. slab without base coarse.Per Sft.₹42.00
A -do- above 4 sq.ft. Slab without base coarse.Per Sft.₹49.00
38.Fixing marble skirting upto 0-6" heightPer Sft.₹36.00
39.Rubbing grinding and polishing of old chips flooring etc.Per Sft.₹13.50
40.Fixing glazed / spartek tiles upto 1 "-0" sq. feet including base plasterPer Sft.₹30.00
41.Fixing glazed/spartek tiles on wall above 1"-0" sq. feet including base plasterPer Sft.₹35.00
42.Fixing of floor tiles with base coarse upto 2"-0" * 2"-0Per Sft.₹31.00
A. Fixing of floor tiles with base coarse above 2"-0” * 2"-0Per Sft.₹35.00
B. Fixing of floor tiles upto 2"-0" * 2"-0 without base coarsePer Sft.₹27.00
C. Fixing of floor tiles above 2”-0" x 2"-0 without base coarsePer Sft.₹31.50
43.Skirting of glazed tilePer Rft.₹22.00
44.Half Moulding on marblePer Rft.₹55.00
45.Full Moulding on marblePer Rft.₹88.00
A. Double moulding B. Add 25% for making moulding on granite stone item No. 10 (44 & 45)Per Rft.₹110.00
46.Extra for Granite in polishPer Rft.₹20.00
47.Extra for Diamond PolishPer Rft.₹20.00
48.Laying & Fixing of Marble Patti or Glass Patti in Flooring wallPer Rft.₹5.00
49.Cutting miking of Marble in (Gunia) alignment.Per Rft.₹3.00
0Add to the rate of all items of flooring, plastering & DPC etc. for mixing colour, white cement or water proof powder or Liquid.PerSft.₹2.00
«)Add to item 10 (1 to 3) for irontie floor.PerSft.₹10.00
iii)Add 1 to 3 for floor slab laying in parts with wooden battens or iron strips.PerSft.₹13.50
iv)Add in item No. 10 (1 to 3) for Tri-mix machine flooring.PerSft.₹12.00
v)Above rates of Marble chips/ Marble are including grinding & polishing etc.
vi)Wooden or steel strips for making joints in floor will be provided by the owner at his own cost.
1Laying O'-S” average earth on roof.PerSft.₹9.50
2Add in item No. 11 (1) for every additional 0-1 “thickness or part thereofPerSft.₹2.00
3Laying 1" mud plaster with bhusa.PerSft.₹4.50
4Laying or removing corrugated asbestos or G.l. sheets for roofing with hooks.PerSft.₹10.00
5Laying or removing corrugated asbestos or G.l. sheets for roofing without hooks.PerSft.₹6.00
6Laying of asbestos or G.l. sheets on ridge/valley or gutter.PerRft.₹16.00
7Laying of tarfelt or Hessian cloth with bitumenPerSft.₹13.00
8Laying of polythene/plastic sheets any where.PerSft.₹3.00
9Laying of thermocol with bitumen and fixing jali on thermocol.PerSft.₹13.00
10 Fixing ready made roofing slates/tiles (Khaprail)PerSft.₹59.00
11 Cleaning of top surface of old roof slab.PerSft.₹6.00
12Coating of water Proof Chemical with Cement/water proof compound with
Brush on Roof Slab, Water tank or anywhere else one coatPerSft.₹10.00
A(A) Add for every Additional Coat for Water ProofingPerSft.₹4.00
13Laying of brick coba on roof slab.PerSft.₹39.00
Note: Rate for item 11 (4 to 6) do not include the charges for hoisting and
Instating of trusses, rafter and purlins.
1Hoisting and placing in position R.C.C. Battens upto 3”x6".PerRft.₹10.00
2-do- undulatory glazing including battens &T- Iron Strips:PerSft.₹22.00
3Hoisting & Placing wooden battens, purlins, rafter, angle or T- Iron.PerRft.₹9.00
4Hoisting & Placing R.S. Joist channels or girders along roof/beam.Per Kg.₹20.00
5Filling Jhiri and plastering around girder or channel to amend as concrete
1Dismantling of R.C.C./R.B..C or P.C.C. in slab upto 0'-6r' thick, lintels, beams.
foundation and stone cutting.PerSft.₹39.00
2-do- more than 0'-6" thick.PerCft.₹82.00
3Dismantling of P.C.C. chips or marble floor upto 0'-3" thick.PerSft.₹14.00
4Dismantling lime concrete or brick ballast.PerCft.₹16.00
5Dismantling of masonry in cement or lime upto 0’-9” thick wall.PerSft.₹16.00
6Dismantling of masonry in cement or lime more than 0’-9" thick wall.PerCft.₹21.00
7Dismantling of mud masonry upto 0-9" thick wall.PerSft.₹7.00
8Add in item No. 13 (6 & 7) for dismantling (one side) plastered brick masonry.PerSft.₹7.00
a-do- (both sides) -do-PerSft.₹9.00
9Dismantling of tile or brick flooring.PerSft.₹7.00
10Dismantling of old cement plaster or chips dado or glazed tiles.PerSft.₹13.00
11Excavation and removing earth from the roof slab upto 0*-6" thick.PerSft.• 8.00
12Making jhirie for roof slab or shelves etc.PerRft.₹20.00
13Cutting of Jhirie in R.C.C.PerRft.₹100.00
14Making of Jhirie for pipe upto 4" dia.PerRft.₹22.00
15Removing of dismentled material upto 30'.00 distance from the site of work.PerCft.₹14.00
16Add for every additional lead of 30“-0“ distance or part thereof.PerCft.₹5.00
17Breaking of brick-bats into brick blast.PerCft.₹10.00
18Making of dents in brickwork (Dahra).Each₹17.00
19Cutting of holes in masonry upto 2 sft. (upto 9“ thick walls).Each₹165.00
20Cutting hole in R.C.C. upto 9’’x9”x41/2"Each₹325.00
21Add in cutting of R C.C hole for every 1" thickness or part thereof. Each₹66.00
22Removing wooden or Steel Frame of doors, windows, ventilators, glazingsand Jangla from dismentled walls.Per Sft.₹18.00
23Cutting of steel after dismentling of R.CC.Per Sft.₹11.00
1Fixing or removing, of wooden or steel frame of doors, windows, cupboards, ventilators, galzings, janglas and gates including hold fast and dents in
masonry upto 0'-6" widePerSft.₹29.00
Fixing or Removing of wooden frame above 0’-6” to 0'-10" wide & 7.0”PerSft.₹40.00
2Fixing of fancy gate (excluding foundation or concrete work)PerSft.₹49.00
3Fixing of precast Jail in Ventilators or other openings.PerSft.₹26.50
4Fixing precast jail in parapet and precast cement concrete poles including lintel at top without plaster.PerSft.₹39.00
5Fixing of Facing fancy tiles on walls or anywhere else upto 6"x3/4 * 3/4 6. Fixing G.l. orC.I. pipe's: bolts, hooks.or pelmet patti in R.CC. Jhallar, SlabPerSft.₹130.00
or masonry.Each₹39.00
7Making of Khurrah outside of floor with base course.Each₹130.00
8Making dustbin as perdesign without deducton in masonry. 9. Making cooking-range standing type with R.CC. or R.B.C. hood excludingEach₹800.00
plaster and slab.Each₹1,400.00
10Making kitchen sink standing type unfinished.Each₹770.00
11Making number plate without numbering.Each₹110.00
12Making letter box, water meter box in pillar/wall without any deduction 13. Fixing Railing post and angle iron including cutting hole, making pocketseach₹400.00
and grouting of bolts for machine foundations.Each₹165.00
14Cleaning of bricks / tiles from dismanteled material.Each₹3.00
15Making of water tank upto 50 gallons without supporting beam and pillar.Each₹1,300.00
16-do- in R.CC./R.B.C.Each₹1,750.00
17Applying wood preserver (Black Oil) to wooden frames.PerRft.₹3.50
18Making of 0'-9" * 0’-9" flue for cooking-range. PerRft.₹82.00
19Making drain upto 9" wide and upto 9” deep excluding fixing of angle frame cover and plastering. PerRft.₹165.00
20Filling Concrete in hollow chaukhat & ventilators or along with butch workchowkhats.PerRft.₹17.00
21Fixing of glass pieces on top edges of compound wall or anywhere elsePerRft.₹28.00
22Fixing aluminium, metal, glass or fibre strips in flooring or any where else. PerRft.₹10.00
23Fixing aluminium strips in dado or marble strips in flooring, metal nosing on steps or anywhere else.PerRft.₹13.50
24Making special Groove in R.CC. Pattern for drip.PerRft.₹33.00
25Washing of Bajri/aggregates.PerCft.₹5.00
26Add to item 15 & 16 for every additional gallons or part thereof. Note: (i) Above 400 Gallon of water tank item rate will be charged. (ii) Ornamental or special type of work outside water tank will be charged extra. (iii) Deduction will not to be made upto 5 Sft. for making of pocket/hole and corners in R. C. C./R. B. C.. Brick/tile masonry and plasterPergallon₹14.00

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