Original blue prints of Star Wars

For the passing fan or the honorary Jedi that knows ever detail of the series, Star Wars: The Blueprints offers an amazing opportunity to discover how an entire galaxy was engineered.

Compiling over 200 of the original production, highly detailed architectural drawings created for the STAR WARS Saga, the book provides an in-depth look into the universe that was painstakingly pieced together down to the most minute detail. Complimenting the blueprints are over 500 photographs (which even highlight the construction process) and illustrations.

“The common thread running through all six of the films was technical drawing—and that will hopefully never change. Everything every fan has loved about the STAR WARS films, from sets to spacecraft to vehicles to props, down to even the tiniest of control buttons, has at some point been carefully and thoughtfully drawn. That’s how important it is,” says Gavin Bocquet, draftsman on Episode VI and the production designer for Episodes I-III.

Designed, built, painted and dressed, some of the technical drawings featured include: the Millennium Falcon, Droids including R2-D2, the Y-wing and the X-wing starfighters, the Rebel Blockade Runner, the Cantina, the Death Star, the Ewok forest, and the battle of Hoth.

“The unsung heroes of the art departments are the draftsmen, who drew in collaboration with their art department heads, but who also added their own ideas,” said New York Times bestselling author J. W. Rinzler who selected each image that went into the book. “Their blueprints have an attribute that concept art lacks—a sense of the real. It’s been an amazing adventure to bring these blueprints to light after all these years.”

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