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Greetings Friends ! Many people I have known online and  offline have been inquiring about the architectural photographic post processing that goes into the works that I upload.
So I have decided to share in the coming days some arch resources with my fellow architect friends.
SKALGUBBAR is a library of free high-resolution images of people that can be used in renderings and photomontages. The idea for this immense virtual library came to Teodor Javanaud Emdén when he was in architecture school. He realized that it was complicated to find images of people on the internet, and that when he did find them the color quality and resolution were not good enough. Because of this, he decided to photograph his friends and use their likenesses in his projects; his friends also used these images in their own projects since Teodor shared his pictures on a website.
This website motivated him to keep producing images of people for renderings -- especially images of people acting out unexpected scenarios. What's been most interesting is that the people "created" by Teodor can be seen in presentations for competitions and in the renders of some of the world's large architecture firms. The site has a variety of categories, covering a wide range of people and actions (such as bike riding, laughing, jumping walking the dog, etc). Ultimately, you'll be able to find the right image, saved in .png format and ready to be inserted directly into a montage or render. All you have to do is scale the people correctly. 
You may find some examples of how I have been using these images in the post production process in Villa for Mr. Jain.

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