Clearview Villa b - 39 x 90

LOCATION: Omaxe, New Chandigarh, Mullanpur
Client: Mr Rajat Chowdhary
Plot Size : 39'-0" x 90'-0"

Clearview Villa b is a luxury minimalist home. Offering austerity as its main characteristic, the façade is a playful exploration of differing heights and a refreshing presence amongst the contemporary architecture of the region
The dwelling bathes itself in an absolute and crisp white colour, from the privacy of the outer shell to the dynamic interior program. As each section flows into the next with ease, enormous glass panes fill the interior space with natural light in abundance. The design essentially goes from one extreme to the other in this regard, while still maintaining a clean and simple design. The abundance of sparse and ample rooms in all sections is true luxury.

There is nothing particularly subtle about the design, but it certainly isn’t obtrusive either. It exemplifies minimal luxury, and manages to appear wonderfully calming and light. The interior design may not exude cosiness, but it does exude serenity from top to bottom, and ultimately that is what Clearview Villa b is about—a modernist haven.

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