LOCATION: Omaxe phase 3, New Chandigarh, Mullanpur
AREA: ~ 7500 sqft

The Posterity Villa is a luxury home. Large luxurious open spaces define the character of the house giving it a unique personality.
The clean detailing of both the interior and exterior makes this project extremely elegant
The interior shall be featuring high quality materials such as Carrara marble and Granite, as well as traditional Custom designed furnishings and artwork. And of course, every room with an oversize window is arranged to maximize the stunning view of the Shivalik hills.

The Posterity Villa is perfectly suited to its environment. The design is a blend of traditional and contemporary, luxurious and minimal. Every element pairs together effortlessly for a truly grandiose architectural experience.

The residence is defined by its relationship with its environment — achieved through the enhancement of internal and external viewpoints and through the interaction between solids and voids. The relationships between architecture and landscape, public and private is also well considered.

The home’s exterior and interior is white and bright. Windows extend the white interior into the outside setting. the exterior is constructed from modest materials. bright floors and white walls are the main features. The living space shall be centered around a collection of contemporary art, perfect for admiring art connoisseurs.

The circulation space of this home is centered around a chandeliered main grand hall which is double height- that incorporates balconies as corridors on the first floor level - which shall house most of the living spaces.

stay tuned for more on this project.

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