17' x 19' Tiny house

Location: DLF, Mullanpur, New Chandigarh

Without a doubt, when we make a decision to down size our home, we can really increase the quality not only of the home but of the lives of the people who live within it, and that’s exactly what we have set out to do with this tiny house build where one young woman has decided to do exactly that.

My friend Malika contacted me to make her a tiny house where she would move in from her rented premises in Chandigarh.

She had a 35'0" x 90'0" plot which in DLF, Mullanpur, New Chandigarh and had always wanted to have a tiny home.

She also wanted to basically declutter her life by going small and at the same time reduce her living expenses.

When she came to us she knew what she wanted but wasn't as clear as what she didn't want - which is what we helped her figure out.

What is the vision of the project?
One day while watching you tube over coffee, tiny house was recommended to me, so i clicked it.
We thought it would be cool to have a cabin surrounded by nature.

What was the idea that attracted you to live in a tiny house?
To live simply and having just what i need. and to reduce my living costs. also being more connected to nature
That was a really big inspiration to go tiny.

The home is going to be welcoming as you walk in to the space, There is so much of built in storage in the house.

The kitchen has alot of storage, its actually got a built in laundry also with a full size fridge,
There is also a really nice deep sink in the kitchen.

This tiny home feels incredibly spacious. i think its the large windows that we have in here.
It certainly makes a difference.

We decided to make this prefab tiny house for Malika in 320 sqft.
During our discussions we figured out that for her, the home had to be small but should pack a full utility kitchen and a no compromise toilet.

We decided to make the tiny house in steel frame. She said she wanted the house to have the lowest possible ecological impact.

We wanted to plan things out meticulously so that we could prefab the structure and assemble quickly at site. The process can be done under a month.

That was a major appeal for making this tiny house.

The roof and drywall framing of the house has PUF insulation within the panels.
The toilet has a composting seat - meaning that all the refuse is ultimately reused as manure.

I hope moving into this house brings the people living in it closer to nature and opens up more creative energy in them.

I really believe we have designed a special sanctuary space for Malika which empowers her to do things in her life which she is passionate about for herself - which allows her to do more in her life.

And truly who can ask from a home more than that.

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