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The Construction process can vary immensely depending on the type of project you’re thinking of doing, but the process is similar among most projects. Metamorphosis Architecture is a Design/Build firm, which means that we can do the design, estimating, and construction of your project all in one process.

Your project begins with an idea of how you can build your home to fit you and your family’s needs in a better way. Perhaps your kitchen is just too small to fit your needs, or a new deck would be a great way to capture that scenic view from your backyard. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to talk to a professional to get an idea of your design options and budget. At this point, you’ll want a designer to visit your home site to discuss the possibilities.

The next step is the most exciting and fun part – exploring the design possibilities. A good designer will listen to your wants and needs and then come up with a variety of design concepts to respond to your goals. These design concepts will continue to be refined until a final design is created.

Next, the construction process will begin. After the approval of construction permit from your city, the demolition of existing spaces (if necessary) will begin. Once all demolition has been completed, the new construction will start. During construction, the we will organize the various trades (electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, etc.) so that they come in at the right times to perform their work.

As the construction process nears a close, it’s a very exciting time, because your project has taken shape and is almost ready for you to move in. At this point, we will walk the jobsite with you to create a final punchlist of items that must be completed. Once those tasks have been addressed and the construction is completed, you’ll be ready to enjoy your new space.

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