10 point guide - Chandigarh Online Plan Sanctioning

"Residents of Chandigarh would now be able to get their building plans approved online with the administration launching an Online building plan approval system in February of this year. So far, this process in Chandigarh was manual. This attempts at automating the system to reduce turnover times.
The new system automates scrutiny of drawings vis-à-vis Building by laws, accelerates scrutiny process by eliminating lengthy and cumbersome manual process, provides alerts and reports via SMS and email and brings all stakeholders on single platform. Now architects can submit the application for building plan sanctioning in online mode from anywhere."

- as quoted by The Times of India

Over the years the architecture world has gradually shifted from analog to digital which has greatly accelerated the profession. Chandigarh also like most other parts of the world is engaging into digitization.

This guide is intended to help people uninitiated with the plan sanctioning process.

Link to online portal

The online service allows applicants (Registered Proprietors and their authorised persons) at anytime, anywhere, to login and submit application with relevant documents for the approved building plans for issuance of approval for construction and occupation.

Before submission of the plan in .dwg format - one needs to have the following documents scanned ready as jpeg / pdf for uploading.
The points in grey are optional if applicable.
  • Signature proof - an affidavit
  • Passport sized photograph of owner
  • ID proof
  • Form c
  • Form A
  • Architect Checklist
  • Completed Form Annexure IX
  • Completed Form Indemnity Bond
  • Allotment/ Transfer letter
  • General Power of Attorney
  • OC/Electricity/Water/Sewage
  • Receipt of building plan security
  • Affidavit
  • Completed Form J
  • Extension Time Limit
If you dont have an idea about these documents - then I would recommend reading up on the suvidha booklet supplied by the administration which has copies of these docuemnts.

These documents can be conveniently uploaded on to the portal.

As per the experience I've had - the scanned documents must be calibrated for a low file size which should be not more than 600 - 700 Kb. At this point of time the software being in development is giving trouble with large files. I hope this can be improved upon.

If you need help in adjusting the size of the scanned document, I would recommend this free software to edit your file.

Upon submission of the aforementioned documents the Architect can upload a copy of the building drawings - This .dwg file has to made in layers in accordance to a set criteria of the software which makes it possible for it to read the file.

The setting up of the layers might feel cumbersome at first, which it rightly is - but if looked at from an open mind - this reduces human interaction and speeds up the plan sanctioning procedure when looked at in totality.

here is the list of layers as supplied by the authorities:-

here is a template file which you can reverse engineer to have your drawing concur with the set parameters.

You will have to set up the drawing layers as RED colour for the software to be able to read it.
BLACK shall not be read by the software.

Once this process is completed, one should be able access the .dwg file in the browser window.
Each parameter on the lefthand side information bar is to be correlated manually with the drawing file.

The interface of the online portal has to have each parameter on the lefthand side information bar to be correlated manually with the drawing file.

In your CAD software - where ever the area is to be defined - you must make a polyline to demark the area perimeter - this will create a situation where the area of a region is computed automatically.

Finish all the parameters covered in the left information bar.

Upon completion of this information -  one can submit to generate a report - the online software analyses the uploaded drawing according to the local byelaws - which it will accept if all is well or reject if the drawing does not concur with any byelaws.

when approved it will ask the architect to feed in the particulars of the proposed plan - FAR, Ground coverage, area under rule 5 etc - this is basically done to compute the fees which has to be submitted to the administration.

Your job at this stage is complete and it shall now undergo departmental procedure.

The software automatically allocates submitted building plan for approval to a draftsman followed in hierarchy as shown in the above schematic.

Lets hope this clears the picture. Hit the comments below if you have any questions.

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