Construction Book keeping Software in 2 Hrs

If you’re a sole proprietor, a small start-up or just someone who wants to keep better track of their personal finances, you may want to check out Kmymoney.

A free open-source project, Kmymoney is a full-bodied accounting software really well suited to an architecture practices / professional practice's accounting needs.
Its an alternative to Quicken, while including some small business accounting features as well.

I’m a Quicken guy, and have been for a long time. While I’ve gotten quite a few emails from opensource software users over the years, I’ve never really taken a look at it. This is an oversight on my part, as I think it’s important to keep up with the more viable Quicken alternatives out there.

I recently downloaded and installed Kmymoney, just so I could give it a whirl. Maybe see how it stacks up.

What follows is my quick test-drive of Kmymoney. Please note that this isn’t meant to be an extensive, nuts-and-bolts-and-oil-leaks review of the software. Instead, I’m just looking to get a feel for Kmymoney — see who it’s meant for, what sort of users it accomodates, how it looks and operates, and so on. I’ll slap up some screenshots, punch in some test transactions, and see what happens!

There are several open source applications for finance management, GnuCash being one of the most well known and a very strong contender but also with a steeper learning curve.

There’s that one time of the month when your wallet can be used again for what it was actually meant. However, it’s not all fun and games, since you need to plan every penny you decide to spend. Funds managements can be frustrating, but with specialized applications like KMyMoney it becomes a lot less of a hassle.

Initial wizard-driven configuration

The first time you run it a wizard automatically pops up to guide you through several initial steps to set up your account, personal data, as well as business details. None of them are mandatory, and you can even close the prompt to check out the set of features first. However, it’s best you go through, because requirements are pretty intuitive and don’t take a lot of time.

It takes you through a total of five steps, starting with personal data, currency, and going on with accounts, general preferences, and a few ending details. You’re then taken directly to the dashboard. More management can be done for each area you’ve gone through with the wizard.

Visually appealing and easy to use

On the visual side of things, we have to admit that the application manages to greatly impress. Overall, elements are polished and a lot of time was spent on the design. Animations make sure you always know what’s active, while transitions are smooth and textures in high-quality. Even the structure itself blends everything together in an appealing manner, with a lot of space to view details and change settings, a side panel to access areas, and upper toolbar for more controls.

According to the details provided in the initial setup, areas like institutions, accounts, scheduled transactions, categories, tags, payees, ledgers, investments, reports, budgets, and forecasts are filled in. Search and filter tools let you easily look for different items, without having to manually browse through each area.

There’s even some customization to be made. Accessing the settings menu brings up a window structured in different categories. Most of the general areas are found there so you can choose what details to include, show, and how to do this. Sadly, there aren’t any methods to generate reports, so you have to check out data by yourself every now and then.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, I can say that KMyMoney is a powerful companion that aims and succeeds at offering financial support. You’re asked to set up general details right from the start, while the visual design makes sure accommodation is a walk in the park and you’re never wondering what to do next.

Let us know what systems and softwares youre using for managing your practice in the comments below.

Cheers, Team Metamorphosis

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