3 Ways To Bring More Natural Light Into a Kitchen

Huge advances in structural glazing have meant we now have many options when it comes to improving the natural flow of light in our homes and creating a better connection with the outside. Our architectural designs are all about making homes, and lives, more liveable.

Adding a kitchen extension can often be a huge, lengthy, and costly project, so it’s no surprise that planning it perfectly and achieving a wow space is top priority. However, to achieve these stunning schemes can often require some pretty spectacular architectural solutions, particularly when it comes to finding the best ways to bring in more natural light.

The importance of natural light. We all know how a light-filled room can feel double the size, especially when there’s plenty of outside views to carry your eye beyond the boundary of the room itself. But natural light can also improve the ambience of a space, filling it with make-you-smile sunlight. “It’s well-known that exposure to the sun releases happy hormones, otherwise known as serotonin, that naturally boosts your mood and helps you feel calm.

There are many design devices that can increase the sense of light, such as bright, reflective surfaces and large mirrors, but nothing quite beats a wall of glass with wonderful garden views. “Glazing has come on leaps and bounds,”
“Bulky framework has been replaced with minimal frames, allowing uninterrupted views of the outside.”

The three key updates that will bring more light into your home are:

1. Blur With Bi-folds

Bi-fold doors have been a popular solution for many years, helping to increase the connection between inside and out by completely opening up an entire wall and allowing light to flood in. Their concertina design has made them an easier and more practical alternative to sliding doors as they eliminate annoying jamming and ensure a wonderful, uninterrupted view of the garden. They can also be fitted flush with the floor, meaning there’s no need for a step, and can seamlessly blur the line between the two spaces.

Another big plus point for choosing bi-folds over French or sliding doors, is that they can navigate easily around bends, creating what is known as a floating corner. As this design requires a lot of structural planning from both your architect and a structural engineer, it can come in at a higher price point, however the results are stunning.

2. Illuminate With Sky Lights

Skylights are a brilliant way of bringing natural light into areas that would otherwise be dark and dingy, such as the far end of large kitchen extensions. Planning where to place your skylight takes plenty of consideration to ensure you choose the correct spot in terms of function and aesthetics.

If adding skylights to your kitchen, think about which areas use the most light. Perhaps you have a dark corner, or a worktop you’re using throughout the day. Adding skylights over practical areas can help cut bills, as you rely less on artificial light. However, it’s also worth noting that sunlight can damage furniture overtime, fading fabrics, wood and leather, so opting for UV protective glazing over sensitive areas is a good investment.

3. Add a Practical Glass Roof

Glass ceilings are most commonly added as a sloping roof on the side of an extension to encourage light along the entire length of the space and to create a contemporary design statement. However, there are a couple of important issues to consider when it comes to sloping glass roofs. First up is privacy and how to maintain it. Fortunately, you can opt for privacy glazing, which is a more expensive option but certainly a great investment if you want to prevent snooping neighbours, while retaining the light.

Second is the case for cleaning the glazing, as no one wants to gaze up at leaves and dirt. Well, self-cleaning glass is your answer! Coated with a special substance that uses the sun’s heat to breakdown the dirt so rain can wash it away, your glass is kept spotless all year round. Genius!

splashing out a little extra on self-cleaning glazing might be a worthwhile, long-term investment that would ensure a new space is felt wonderful every day.

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