Grow Your Legal Practice With the Right Office Furniture

Believe it or not, your furniture and its layout within your law office can have a considerable impact on your firm’s bottom line.
Being a lawyer is not just what you do; it is an inextricable part of who you are. Let’s take this one step further.

Ask yourself: “What makes me different from my legal peers?”

Most of your colleagues will differentiate themselves by practice area. But the real answer to this question begets a deeper question: “How is your style of practice different than your peers and competition?”

For example, are you an aggressive go getter in the courtroom who has a highly competitive arc or, are you a matrimonial mediator with an utterly calming demeanor that can bring even the most antagonistic of parties to a middle-ground? Maybe you are a young, hip, entertainment lawyer who proudly displays vinyl records of the indie bands you represent. Or maybe you are a traditional corporate attorney who has an old fashioned style and taste for French cuffs and impeccably tailored suits.

You should choose office furniture which represents both your personal style and your practice style. Your furniture should function as a sort of visual resume for your clients and your colleagues. It should tell your “professional story.”

Your law office should reflect your firm’s image
To maximize business opportunity, your office furnishing should be consistent with the image you are trying to project to prospective clients.

The traditional practitioner may go in the direction of a large mahogany desk accompanied with tufted maroon leather chair. This visually describes to clients that you understand their issues are serious, and you are the right lawyer to represent such serious matters.

Or, the attorney who represents trendy, venture-funded software companies might select a glass desk with a blue mesh swivel chair to complement the décor. These office furnishings are reminiscent of the furnishings a software company usually has, and subtly communicates that you are an insider and you “get” them. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to furnishing your law office, you simply need to be consistent with the image and perception of your firm and the clientele you wish to represent.

When you choose furniture and furnishings that accurately represent your practice style and philosophy, your office mates will respond to your visual resume.

Furnish your office with items that give clients and colleagues insight into who you are as a person and a professional. Your practice will thank you for it.

With the COVID outbreak, Modern Legal offices are reinventing themselves becoming smaller and more agile.
Get in touch with Metamorphosis and we can help you refurbish your office space so that you can continue to thrive in your professional practice.

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