Post COVID 19 in India

Post Covid 19, there are 2 ways to see the future – the first to see how India can bounce
back into the global economy and hit the ground running, and the other is look at providing
jobs and sustenance to the huge labour force – who are there right at the bottom of the
pyramid hovering just above the poverty line.

The idea of going hi-tech, with PEBs and prefabs, although just right to address the socalled
huge influx of Foreign Investment in the form of factories to replace the
manufacturing loss in China, may not be the panacea we are looking for. Vietnam, Brazil
and even Mexico are already ahead of us in that race.

On the other hand, the traditional daily wager’s (the Urban poor) non-existent skills can
only be used in low tech construction.

The ONLY SOLUTION I see to address both conditions is in the spawning of a hundred
NEW CITIES all over the country – suitably located along transportation arteries to
address myriad issues – including that of affordable investment.

These new towns and cities could be designed to be compact, environmentally friendly
and self-sustaining – using all the new knowledge and hi tech resources at hand.
Such as using renewable energy, local rain water supply, minimal transport, urban
farming, huge recycling of resources, multi-usage of spaces.

Once the concept of multi- tasking of a given space is understood, then investment can
also be made more efficiently.

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