Spring is on its way here in Chandigarh and at Metamorphosis, it's our favourite season. It's the perfect time to get started on some renovations, updates, refreshments, and new inspiration. At this time of year especially, we love helping our clients find the perfect modern furniture pieces for their homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels, and more.

There are some amazing modern furniture trends for 2020 that fit in perfectly with common aesthetics of spring. Colours, textures, and decor that are bright, lively, and refreshing are perfect for spring 2020.

We've gathered some of our favourite modern furniture and design trends for spring 2020 here.

Colour of the Year
Pantone announced its colour of the year in January and they have chosen Living Coral. This shade is bright, with orange, gold, and pink undertones that give it animation and life. This bright colour is easier than you think to incorporate into your design in your home or business.

Choosing dining chair upholstery or armchair upholstery in a bright pink or orange can be a great way to bring life into a room. Using them as a statement piece means you don't have to make too many other decor changes in your space! Having bright throw pillows in coral on a black, grey, or white sofa is also a great way to bring spring indoors this year.

Wallpaper and Large Prints
Adding some wallpaper or wall prints is a great way to bring spring and life into a space. In places like bedrooms, lobbies, restaurants, or restrooms, using some brightly patterned wallpaper makes a bold statement and also helps add texture to a space.

If wallpaper is too permanent for you, switching out some wall art for large, bright prints (maybe featuring some Living Coral?) can help make a space feel new again. Design and modern furniture trends in 2019 is all about being bold and being bright – spring is the perfect time to do that with some new artwork and prints!

Florals can be hard to work into a design. A floral sofa, for example, has a thin line to tread between being stylish and being your grandmother's furniture. We always recommend using bold and bright floral patterns on things like wall prints, area rugs, and pillows. These accents bring the floral trend right into your space without being too overpowering.

These floral accessories are easy to pair with modern sofas and chairs of a variety of shades and colours. Having a violet or blue sofa, for example the Laguna Sofa, still allows for floral pillows or a floral rug to compliment it.

One of our favourite interior design trends for 2020 was bringing real life into a space with live plants! Leafy plants, small trees, flowers, and succulents abound in 2020 and spring is the best time to bring these into your home. Using live plants as centre pieces, positioned on counters or bar stools, or sitting in the lit corners of a room make a space feel more clean, more welcoming, and more relaxing.

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