Spring Villa b

LOCATION: Sandhu Farms, Sirsa, Haryana
CLIENT : Mr. Ruby Sandhu

Located near Sirsa, The Spring Villa, is situated within a landscape characterized currently of openness.

The residence is defined by its relationship with its garden — achieved through the enhancement of internal and external viewpoints and through the interaction between solids and voids. The relationships between architecture and landscape, public and private is also well considered.

The interior is comprised of a grand open living room on the ground floor with similarly sized bedrooms and studies with the intent of establishing opulence and grandeur in its open environment

While the home’s exterior is stark, the interior is white and bright. large windows extend the white interior into the landscape. Just as on the exterior, the interior is constructed from carefully curated materials. Concrete floors and white walls are the main features. The living space is centred around an entertainment panel, perfect for cozying up on cold foggy nights.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan


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