Interstellar Testing Centre

Client : Interstallar Testing Labs
Construction : completed Jan 2017
Location: #86, Phase 1, Panchkula


Interstellar Testing Labs - Head Office is a project recently completed by Metamorphosis. The work included visual identity, graphic design, interior design, branding and techincal specification to meet clinical standards.

the lab-like sterility of the interior was made stylish by incorporating recognizable furniture pieces and familiar typography with intentful colour coding. Helvetica-driven signage and packaging make a great contribution to the overall design. The whiteness of the white is accentuated by the blue-tinted recessed lighting, which is another clever and beautiful detail.

The clients brief specifies to avoid sterile coldness of a lab and put their clients at ease with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, the interior had to look and feel professional and trustworthy. 

The successful challenge consisted of the reformulation of an existing space into a modern state of the art laboratory with its main offices working together in form and function.

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