Vasudeva Residence - 61' x 25'

Location: H.No. 5795, Duplex Houses, Manimajra
Client : Mr. S P Vasudeva
Construction : completed Feb 2017

Situated in Manimajra, a renovation of an residential property into a beautiful modern duplex apartment home. The structure is relatively small, so as not to interrupt the surrounding environment. The kitchen, living room, and guest bedroom are located on the ground floor. Two bedrooms sit on the upper level, accessed by a staircase.

Pre Renovation photograph of Residence

The clients brief prescribed the modest design of this duplex building. The clean lines of the architecture and precise use of materials come together quite elegantly. The Residence is quiet and reserved, but it is its little form that stands dignified on this urban street.

When looking at the structure, it is not easy to determine the old and new. The basic masonry work is inherited from the old structure. The interior, all renovated, uses limited materials: white for the walls, tiled floors, and marble in the bathrooms. The result is a truly minimal design. Each element of the Vasudeva residence is curated, creating a home that is very comfortable, well lit and well ventilated.


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