Manpreet Singh Warehousing - Godown

Manpreet Singh Warehousing - Godown
Location: Pabhat, Zirakpur.
Area: 50,000 sft

The PRE.BUILT warehouse at Zirakpur has been designed employing Prefabricated construction, which is a building process in which modules of a building are assembled at a remote location, then transported to the building site. This particular construction method is very cost-effective and often makes it possible to complete a building project in as much as half the time required for more traditional methods.
The warehouse has a construction time frame of 5 months.
Construction has begun in Feb 2019.

Below are some under construction photographs- cataloging our journey from render to real. dated: 12 -09-2019

See how our prefabricated building system is being put into place.
The same architectural details used in our smallest designs are also used in our largest.


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