20' x 30' Tiny House

Location: #805, DLF, Mullanpur, New Chandigarh

Without a doubt, when we make a decision to down size our home, we can really increase the quality not only of the home but of the lives of the people who live within it, and that’s exactly what we have set out to do with this tiny house build where the owner has decided to do exactly that.

This 20'0" x 30'0" Tiny house incorporates a Living hall with kitchen attached with a spacious bedroom and an airy toilet, all compactly positioned around a beautiful garden on a 35'0" x 90'0" plot.

This Tiny house has been designed as a special sanctuary space.
and I really believe that this will empower the inhabitants of this house to channelize their energies.
which allows them to be more creative.

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