Dr. Vishwaneet's Residence - 46' x 100'

Location: H.No. 289, Sector 4, Mansa Devi Complex, Panchkula
Client: Dr. Vishwaneet Singh
Construction: completed 2015


Situated in a posh locality, a stunning Mansadevi neighbourhood with excellent views of the Shivalik Hills, Dr. Vishwaneet’s House lies in front of a lush green community park.
This beautiful and totally ethnic Minimalist extension of the family home was designed by Metamorphosis studio, positioning the extension for great views and to maintain absolute privacy. A smart solution with incredible effects.
The structure is a hybrid compact frame with superior structural design striking a balance between weight and strength with a courtyard style planning that consists of three levels reducing the load of the of extension on the old foundations.
The façade of the extension is truly minimalist, converging with the old existing terracotta exterior.

Front Elevation of Residence with articulate detailing

The above view of the extension shows how a hybrid structure was integrated with the existing old structure to reduce the loads on old foundations.

View of hybrid construction utilizing light weight methodology with scientific structural design effortlessly merging a traditional skin with state of the art construction. The house utilizes green building design for increased comfort.

Minimalist Extension at Second Floor Lvl. View from Terrace adjoining courtyard at First Floor.

View from courtyard to the airy terrace above on the first and second floor respectively. For increased long-term sustainability the project aims at using the Venturi effect by maximizing air flow through a terrace + courtyard at all three levels of the Residence.

Ground Floor

First Floor

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