Craftsman Villa - 46' X 46'

Location: Sirsa, Harayana
Client: Mr. Mandeep Sandhu

There is a very interesting story behind this house, the client very young at the time had their father approach Ar. Pallav Mukherjee - Principal at Metamorphosis around 35 years ago to make them a family farm house,

fast forward - the brothers now grown up come back again to Metamorphosis and we designed a new home for one of the brothers (see Spring Villa B) adjoining the original farm house built 3 decades ago.

fast forward another few years - Now opposite facing Spring Villa B, We design this villa for the second brother.

This ethnic family villa with great views in its rural environment indulges in the art and science of brick masonry craftsmanship.
Great lengths have been taken to acquire the Finest quality baked bricks for construction keeping in mind the raw nature of the facade.

Bricks have been meticulously detailed on facade of the building to provide novel detailing to this beautiful bespoke villa.

a photograph taken during construction showing par excellence in masonry craftsmanship.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan


Front Elevation

Side elevation

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