BREEZE HOUSE - 44’ x 27’

Location: H.No. 339, Sector 9, Chandigarh
Client: Mr. Yuvraj Sekhon
Construction: completed March 2019

The breeze house is an Art Nouveau extension to an old contemporary design Chandigarh villa. Located in a 4 Kanal plot in an old locality - with the house owner being an aficionado of gardening, the extension overlooks a beautiful well pruned and well-watered garden which is a marvelous showcase of landscape design all credits to the owners' hard work.

The building has been made using prefabricated elements.

The extension is a change from the existing character of the house which has been done with intent as its primary usage is to be party hall for guests with access from the outside without compromising on the privacy of the main house. The party hall has an attached toilet and kitchen. This new kitchen is separate from the main kitchen of the house but is connected to it via an ambulatory for complimenting the requirements of the main kitchen.

As part of the extension, landscape design extends towards the courtyard with the use of ceramic tile with mixing & matching in mosaic designs with granites and natural stones to achieve a unique Art Nouveau aesthetic.
The extension uses insulated prefabricated roof panels to achieve sustainability by increasing thermal insulation. The roof panels are PUF panels manufactured by the folks at Synergy Thrislington.

The curtain wall which uses glass and HPL is south facing with overhang calculated to prevent direct sunlight from entering the hall - thus ensuring energy efficiency. The clean lines of the architecture and precise use of materials come together quite elegantly - Perfect for entertaining friends and family.

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