Prefab Living Room Extension with Kitchen - 44’ x 27’

Location: Sector 9, Chandigarh
Construction: completed March 2019

Prefab Living Room Extension with Kitchen

Our recent architectural endeavor marries pragmatism with sophistication in a living room extension crafted through prefabrication. Employing this method, we ensured precision construction off-site, seamlessly integrating sustainable elements into the existing structure. 

This approach not only optimized the building process but also upheld environmental consciousness by reducing waste. With clean lines and subdued aesthetics, the extension embodies a refined simplicity that harmonizes effortlessly with its surroundings. It stands as a testament to our commitment to practical innovation and tasteful design.

The owners – who were upwardly mobile – now had 3 families (selves + 2 sons + their wives  and kids) to accomodate. 
One son & family was accommodated within the main house itself, and the other new family was accommodated in the Annexe at the rear of the house. 
Then there were the domestic staff, amongst others, to be accommodated. 
This led to a shortage of entertainment space – and the need arose for an additional drawing or living room. Especially for the younger set of guests of the 2 young families. 
Hence this new requirement. 
And they needed this fast. 

Which is where we came in with this proposal for a quick construction tech to give them an entertainment center – ie a large living room, allong with its own kitchen and a powder room. 
Pretty simple – as was the construction – which basically consisted to salvaging some old column foundations to be incorporated into the new space. 

We used large insulated sandwich panels atop a steel frame, supported by those RCC columns previously referred to. 
The roofing ensured the creation of a large wrap around verandah – with a powder room on one end, and a kitchen on the other. The verandah opened out onto a well manicured lawn for outdoor seating in good weather. 

The walls were a mix of brick, glass and HPL sheets. And our patent glazing pattern of sliding panels with louvers & fly mesh. 
Think the entire job took a couple of everyone’s satisfaction......!!!


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