Prefabricated Farmhouse design


Architectural Design of a Farmhouse near Chandigarh

Nestled on a hilly site near Chandigarh, this farmhouse blends modern construction techniques with environmental sustainability. Let's explore the key features that make this project unique and eco-friendly.

Prefabricated Steel Components

The farmhouse uses prefabricated steel components, which ensure both efficiency and durability. This approach not only speeds up the construction process but also ensures high-quality standards.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

The design emphasizes sustainability, incorporating mud walls with mud sourced directly from the site. This integration with the natural environment creates a harmonious aesthetic.

Cellulose Insulation

To enhance energy efficiency, the mud walls are insulated with cellulose, forming a sandwich-like structure that provides excellent thermal performance.

On-Site Mud Excavation and Pond Creation

The mud used for the walls is excavated from the site itself, where a pond will be created. This pond will be seamlessly integrated into the landscape design, adding to the site's natural beauty.

Insulated PUF Roof Panels

The roof features insulated PUF panels that are aesthetically sculpted. These panels not only improve thermal regulation but also add an attractive element to the building's design.


Despite its large size, with five bedrooms, the farmhouse remains cost-effective per square foot due to the innovative construction technologies employed.

Rapid Construction

Construction will be rapid, with prefabricated components fabricated in a workshop and then brought to the site for assembly. This method ensures quality control and efficient building practices.

Shaded Outdoor Spaces

A key design criterion was to provide ample shaded outdoor space. A verandah along the building block offers panoramic views of the property from the hilltop, enhancing the outdoor experience.

Sustainable Foundations

Abandoned truck tires filled with stabilized earth will be used as foundation modules. This technique not only reduces material costs but also repurposes waste materials, inspired by earthship construction methods.

Overcoming Logistical Challenges

The site presents a challenge with no direct road access and a rivulet that needs to be crossed. A bridge is yet to be constructed. To address this, prefabricated parts are designed to be small enough to fit in a "chotta haathi" mini truck, which can maneuver to the rivulet. From there, components will be unloaded and transported to the site by cart.

Artistic Impression

Watercolor renders provide an artistic impression of the completed farmhouse, showcasing its harmonious blend of functionality, sustainability, and natural beauty.

In conclusion, this farmhouse near Chandigarh represents a thoughtful blend of modern construction and environmental sustainability.

The design stands strong, providing a serene and eco-friendly retreat on a picturesque hilly site.

See you soon.